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Become a Tender Manager or Manager of a Tender Office

In which sectors does this professional work?

And what kind of company can I send my CV to once I have finished the course?

To understand the scope and transferability of this profession, let us use a simple example: imagine entering a public institution, such as a hospital; everything you see is the result of a tender.

Companies of different types and belonging to different sectors participated in call for tenders and, through the work of the tender office, were awarded contracts to provide goods and services of various kinds to that public facility: cars, ambulances, PCs, printers, software of any kind, medical and health devices (e.g. needles, catheters, wheelchairs etc.), uniforms, any type of specialised or non-specialised equipment (e.g. CT scans, MRI machines, X-rays, hoists, fire extinguishers), consumables, any kind of furniture (e.g. beds, wardrobes, curtains, chairs, desks), medicines, stationery, building construction and maintenance, green areas management, cleaning and maintenance of facilities, security, porterage, security, energy supply, supply of fuel for any means of transport and their maintenance, and we could go on and on.....

The answer to the initial question?

A tender professional is almost unlimited in the types of companies and sectors that they can work in.

Why participate in our advanced training course?

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This course is the perfect synthesis between theoretical expertise, provided by a renowned department in one of Italy’s most illustrious universities, and practical participation in a contract with a company that operates and competes in the real market, whether it be for works, supplies or services.

In addition to these two very important aspects, this course guarantees a period of internship in companies throughout Italy to consolidate and test the skills you have learned

What are the objectives of this course?


The objective is to respond to demand in the labour market for competent procurement professionals that are immediately operational for companies due to gaining the learning, skills and practical experience through our course and internships. For this reason, we chose an active teaching to impart new knowledge and the ability to deal with problems related to management of the tender process. The world of tenders is vast and constantly evolving. Building a solid foundation of skills is key to make you autonomous in managing inevitable changes to regulatory and procedural practices.

What makes our course different from others?

The internship has also been designed to allow the effective use of acquired skills to encourage their consolidation and to give students the opportunity to test their approach to work and increase their confidence to present themselves successfully in the labour market.

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