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Working in a competitive and complicated regulatory environment, such as Public Procurement in Italy, is not simple.

The in-house course is the best training format because the entire program is built around and tailored to the real needs of the Partner. The topics arise following discussions between our Consultancy Office and the Partner, who together identify the best path to take.

In a Tender Office composed of several resources, very often the starting point is to understand the different roles and skillsets of the staff. The aim of Ufficio Appalti is to moderate and adjust the training to the level of knowledge of the individual and to mix elements to optimise the operational quality and growth of the team as a whole.

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The Ufficio Appalti Magazine

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The Ufficio Appalti magazine publishes short articles that provide news and practical guidance on issues related to public tenders. The articles in the very first edition of the magazine were produced mainly by internal staff in response to the various questions received from our Partners. The Ufficio Appalti magazine developed to pool issues considered interesting for all and to demonstrate how they can be addressed and solved through real case studies of our Partners.

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Companies are always looking for reliable partners capable of interpreting the needs and proactive in realising the growth objectives of the company. We are at your side with efficiency, dynamism, competence and perseverance. In Ufficio Appalti we recite the famous phrase:

 "The only place where "success" comes before "sweat" is in the dictionary".

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