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3 Valid reasons to register now

  1. Being registered on the list of trusted suppliers for a public body allows the company to be contacted by the Contracting Authority to initiate a Direct Award or Negotiated Procedure, which today represents approximately 60% of the procedures for awarding a contract.
  2. The law regulating contracts, legislative decree no. 50/2016, allows Contracting Authorities to purchase works up to a maximum of €40,000.00 through the direct award system (pursuant to art. 36, paragraph 2, letter A); and, depending on the activity covered by the contract, to assign through a negotiated procedure without publication of the notice up to €1,000,000.000 for works and below the EU threshold for services and supplies (pursuant to art. 63).
  3. Registering on the list of suppliers pre-qualifies an economic operator, enabling it to be identified by the Contracting Authority based on their requirements (Technical-Organisational-Financial capacity).

What are the requirements to access this opportunity?

There are some cases with special or minimum requirements to access, but it is necessary for all companies to not fall into one of the grounds for exclusion described in Art. 80 of Legislative Decree 50/2016. This verification is carried out with the customer’s expression of interest in the service by the client.

Why rely on the Ufficio Appalti?

Ufficio Appalti’s ability to listen to and interpret its clients' needs enables it to create tailor-made services in collaboration that go beyond the standardisation in force in the sector. Always with the intent to create a fruitful partnership, Ufficio Appalti offers its clients experienced, courteous and punctual staff who carry out the tasks entrusted to them with professionalism.The synergy between our and your know-how contributes to make the services you will acquire in your portfolio UNIQUE, as well as being indispensable tools for your business. Your interest is also ours!

How we do it!

Identification of the registers

The first step is to identify interesting entities; this is done by elaborating an initial analysis together. Depending on the sectors and geographical areas of interest, Ufficio Appalti will propose a list of attractive entities. Once selected, Ufficio Appalti will follow all the activities necessary to registrater on the entities’ suppliers list until the completion of the mandate.


Ufficio Appalti

Outsourced tender office

Make sure you have at your side a proactive business partner who works responsibly. Entrust the management of your tender office to our punctual and professional experts to give you the confidence to focus on other activities.

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Ufficio Appalti


Learning and innovation go hand in hand. "The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for tomorrow". We provide the tools and support your business needs to acquire and consolidate valuable skills.

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Ufficio Appalti


How we provide advice is unique and effective, we are always available to support your work and to provide the information you need. Easy to access and fast to respond, our consulting office remains attentive to your needs.

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Ufficio Appalti

Database and MePA

Continually updated and easy-to-use databases to find tenders of interest to your business, profiled Ad-Hoc on your company.

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The Ufficio Appalti Magazine

Tips and tricks

The Ufficio Appalti magazine publishes short articles that provide news and practical guidance on issues related to public tenders. The articles in the very first edition of the magazine were produced mainly by internal staff in response to the various questions received from our Partners. The Ufficio Appalti magazine developed to pool issues considered interesting for all and to demonstrate how they can be addressed and solved through real case studies of our Partners.

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Partners that trust us

Companies are always looking for reliable partners capable of interpreting the needs and proactive in realising the growth objectives of the company. We are at your side with efficiency, dynamism, competence and perseverance. In Ufficio Appalti we recite the famous phrase:

 "The only place where "success" comes before "sweat" is in the dictionary".

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