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Ufficio Appalti S.r.l.

Ufficio Appalti S.r.l. was founded in 2015 with the aim of filling the gaps in services to companies operating in the Public Procurement sector. The thirty years of know-how in the technical-commercial field has served to structure an approach to the client that is different from any competitor company. Ufficio Appalti does not provide industrialized services and therefore all our activities are designed and produced in a tailor-made way with the Partner. Our aim is to become the number one business partner for companies, and we pursue this ambitious goal through values we believe in such as reliability, punctuality and professionalism.

We offer tools, strategies and services that aim to solve internal organisational problems, including temporary needs, such as support during staff absences; but also integrated packages for companies that choose to outsource the activities of their tender office. The world of public tenders remains for economic operators in the Works, Supplies and Services sectors a great opportunity for contracting business and consequently growth. The public procurement market requires not only knowledge of the sector of intervention but also of the regulations (always evolving) that govern that sector, as well as the many requirements necessary to make the opportunity profitable.

Ufficio Appalti stands out in the procurement services market because its activities are carried out and planned together with its clients, without giving up the traditional services available on the market (such as the monitoring of tenders and MePA). We provide companies entering or already operating in the world of tenders with a collaboration developed according to the real needs of the tender office and its staff.

We consider ourselves "colleagues not in the office" but always ready to support, simplify and solve.

Employees of a tender office are often subjected to periods of stress due to the many activities related to procurement. Participation in tenders, organisation of policies, award management are just some of the most obvious activities, but we know that they are not the only ones. Our approach to increasing the efficiency of your tender office is based on respect for the staff present, who must benefit from our method without complicating their usual activities.

Our philosophy is to become part of the machinery in the company to build a productive relationship with both the owners and the staff. One of the strengths of Ufficio Appalti is in staff training, a fundamental area that needs the right format to provide dedicated resources with the information, tools and updates necessary to work with quality and peace of mind.

And it is to your team that we turn our attention!

We are familiar with the needs of those who work in a tender office and it is from them that we draw inspiration when we create a new format; approaching it in a simple, practical and direct way, but aware of the quality of what we do. Our practical-operational courses are offered throughout Italy, both in the classroom and via webinar. They cover a variety of topics, some of which are more practical and designed for staff without much experience, and others, with in-depth regulatory and operational links, for staff with consolidated experience. All our courses have the sole aim of improving the working day of the participant. Therefore, we are the only procurement service to provide post-course support to refine and consolidate certain topics.

In short, our formula brings Guaranteed Results.

In this spirit, we have created a working environment with a lively, welcoming atmosphere because we firmly believe that motivation can transform people and make them decisive for the success of our goals and yours.

We are People who work for or with other people.

We can safely say that each of our commercial and technical collaborators has reached the highest level of professionalism ever achieved in other companies. This is thanks to the meritocracy that sums up our company's style of managing human resources and that we like to export to the realities that require our support. Each employee is part of the company and is the company itself; and it is for this reason that whoever answers the phone will do so with politeness, friendliness, availability and above all punctuality and professionalism.


Ufficio Appalti

Outsourced tender office

Make sure you have at your side a proactive business partner who works responsibly. Entrust the management of your tender office to our punctual and professional experts to give you the confidence to focus on other activities.

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Ufficio Appalti


Learning and innovation go hand in hand. "The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for tomorrow". We provide the tools and support your business needs to acquire and consolidate valuable skills.

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Ufficio Appalti


How we provide advice is unique and effective, we are always available to support your work and to provide the information you need. Easy to access and fast to respond, our consulting office remains attentive to your needs.

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Ufficio Appalti

Database and MePA

Continually updated and easy-to-use databases to find tenders of interest to your business, profiled Ad-Hoc on your company.

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The Ufficio Appalti Magazine

Tips and tricks

The Ufficio Appalti magazine publishes short articles that provide news and practical guidance on issues related to public tenders. The articles in the very first edition of the magazine were produced mainly by internal staff in response to the various questions received from our Partners. The Ufficio Appalti magazine developed to pool issues considered interesting for all and to demonstrate how they can be addressed and solved through real case studies of our Partners.

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Partners that trust us

Companies are always looking for reliable partners capable of interpreting the needs and proactive in realising the growth objectives of the company. We are at your side with efficiency, dynamism, competence and perseverance. In Ufficio Appalti we recite the famous phrase:

 "The only place where "success" comes before "sweat" is in the dictionary".

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